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Our products aim to help reduce harmful emissions from gasoline and diesel powered vehicles
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What It Does

With our device on your vehicle, you can witness the NOx and other emissions reduce significantly which is traditionally an indicator of a cleaner running engine. The effect of cleaner combustion translates to better performance and efficient use of fuel by the engine.

How It Works

Our unique programmed crystal composite with permanently embedded quantum scale software was specifically designed to affect and alter the selected fuel emissions to achieve the optimal performance and making the engine able to harness the most out of fuel.

Emissions Nanotechnology
at its finest.

The new technology is using special frequency interactions to help fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. Thus the QuantaFuel technology has the potential to reduce emissions, increase performance, and improve fuel efficiency. It works well on both gasoline and diesel cars, pickups, vans, buses, trucks of all sizes, ships, on-site power generation, and is especially effective on older vehicles. Simply installs in a few easy to reach places with no need for tools, as long as the device is within a “10FT” proximity of the fuel source. The technology substantially augments all reductions already provided by catalytic converters and other currently required emission reduction technologies. Upon Installation of the device, it immediately takes effect on the combustion process.

A New Dimension For The Engine Industry. Diesel fuel & gasoline nanotechnology for use with automobiles, pickup trucks, commercial diesel trucks, ships and all other fuel burning applications using a proprietary technique. Our devices have been conclusively demonstrated to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency and vehicle performance for years on many types of vehicles in a variety of countries.

Cleaner Environment

Reduces air pollution levels – Emissions

Emissions Reduction

Agitates the fuel to achieve it’s optimal performance

Efficient Use of Fuel

Effect of cleaner combustion.

Better Engine Perf.

Effect of cleaner combustion.

Improved Engine Parts

Effect of cleaner combustion

Extended Life of Vehicle

Due to cleaner running engine

Interacts With Fuel From Up to 10 Feet Away! The interaction with the fuel is observed to occur through the walls of a metal tank and other parts of the vehicle from a distance up to ten feet (three meters) away from the tank. The mechanisms causing the effects on fuel combustion arise from interactions between the special QuantaFuel frequencies embedded in the device with the molecules of the fuel in the tank.

The resulting effect on the fuel goes beyond simply detection (as in mMRI). It appears as if the QuantaFuel device pre-treats the fuel so that when it is combined with air in the engine cylinder, the fuel combustion is more complete, thus reducing (smog) emissions and improving fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. The underlying physics may be analogous to the concept of “instantaneous action at a distance,” which is a basic aspect of quantum mechanics. Called the Einstein-­‐Podolsky-­‐ Rosen paradox, the instantaneous quantum entanglement of two photons. Scientists and engineers have worked on many projects and used many products without completely understanding the scientific mechanisms involved. One of the most famous was Isaac Newton who discovered the Law of Gravity, but stated: “I have not as yet been able to discover the reason for these properties of gravity from phenomena, and I do not pretend hypotheses.” Yet a lack of a hypothesis did not keep countless scientists from applying Newton's Law of Gravity to solve many problems in classical physics.

Emission Reduction Results Nanotechnology fuel treatment system for Cars, Pickups and Motorcycles.
The charts show the maximum reduction based on actual testing results on various car brands and types.

Nitrogen Oxides
Carbon Oxides
Carbon Dioxide
77%Smoke Dens.
Diesel Engines

Fuel Efficiency Averages

Diesel Engine 2.0

up to 25 %

Diesel Engine 1.4

up to 16 %

Diesel Engine 3.0

up to 33 %

Petrol Engine 2.2

up to 39 %

Our Technology can be applied to Industrial Machinery and Equipment such as Agricultural, Farm Equipment, Heavy Trucks and Industrial Vehicles. Contact us to learn more about what solutions we offer that may suite your needs. In most cases our QuantaFuel Plus or QuantaFuel Pro-Pack may be the ideal solution whereas power generators may only require our smaller QuantaFuel Fuel Door Device. Let us help you assess the best solution.

Our technology can be applied to your personal vehicle be it a pickup truck, passenger car, motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Our QuantaFuel Fuel Door Device may be your perfect solution. Contact us to learn more about what solutions we offer that may suite your needs.

We have developed a Special Technology for Transport Trucks. Call us to learn more about our QuantaFuel Pro-Pack

We have developed a Special Technology for Buses. Call us to learn more about our QuantaFuel Pro-Pack. For smaller Vehicles such as Taxi cabs, our QuantaFuel Fuel Door Device should suffice. If your needs are for heavy equipment such as Road Maintenance Equipment such as Salters, Plows, Waste Vehicles etc., contact us to have us assess the best solution for the application.

Our Mission!

Reduce Pollution
Every effort makes a BIG difference!
Save on Fuel Costs
Rising fuel costs are always a concern.
Increase Engine Life
Longevity impacts your investment.
Become Municipal Mandate
Now wouldn't that be nice!

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